Stress-free Guide to Style Your Family Shoot

Creating a coordinating wardrobe for your family shoot does not need to be difficult or expensive.  I have curated a few easy to follow steps to make sure your family is camera ready.


Step 1:  Find a base piece.  This piece is what will set the color palate for the rest of your family.  I recommend large form prints, plaid, or stripes.  Small designs come off very busy in photos and can even cause distortion in your images.  Take your location into consideration as well.  You don't want to blend into the background.  A green heavy wardrobe will not be your friend in a dense Seattle forest just as red is not your friend if we are shooting by a brick warehouse.   

Step 2: Take the colors from your base piece to fill in the wardrobe for the rest of your family.  Feel free to play with different textures but I recommend that these pieces be solid colors, especially if all this styling business is new to you. Mixing prints can be very fashionable but can also be a bit tricky.  If it's something you feel comfortable doing, then by all means, rock it!   

Step 3: Lay out your wardrobe choices on the floor or bed.  How does it look?  This trick will give you an idea of how everything will blend together.  Do you have enough color?  Are your clothes weather appropriate?  Have you finished the look with complimentary accessories?  Something as simple as a necklace, scarf, belt, or bracelet can take a seeming boring look to perfectly polished.

Step 4:  Don't forget the details.  One of the #1 overlooked items in wardrobe coordination is footwear.  Your shoes should reflect the overall look, even for the littles.  I highly recommend that even pre-walkers have their own pair of stylish kicks or plan for them to go bare foot (I LOVE BABY TOES).  Baby socks look very awkward in photos and make their sweet little feet look gigantic!  


Step 5:  This step is simply a reminder to check all your clothes for possible stains, fading, or tears.  You will also want to iron your attire the night before and hang it up out of reach of kids or pets.  This means that the only thing you have left to do on the day of is to show up to your shoot looking amazing! 


If you have read through all the steps but this is all still very overwhelming, let me know! I am here to help and I love styling shoots.  Feel free to send me a email with potential wardrobe options or we can schedule a video chat.  I want to make sure that you feel 100% confident with your choices by the time your shoot date comes around.