Choosing the Perfect Location

I always tell my clients that the most important thing in your shoot is you!  Location is simply a tool to show off your own personal style and your family's overall awesomeness.  Thankfully here in Seattle we are not at a lack of beautiful places that speak to every path of life.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Discovery Park

If I had to shoot at one location for the rest of my career it would easily be Discovery Park.  I just can't get enough of that beautiful filtered sunlight and the glowing yellow grass.  Discovery Park boasts a sapling evergreen forest, historic church with stain glassed windows, a panoramic view of Puget Sound, and one of the best fall color displays in the city.  This location is best in late summer, fall, and winter.  

Ravenna Park

Want to get away deep in the forest?  You don't need to drive out of the city limits to find that perfect PNW woodsy look.  Ravenna park might be in the heart of North Seattle but it hasn't forgotten it's roots.  After a quick hike down into the natural ravine you will be greeted by old growth cedar, fir, and even some redwoods.  Another bonus of this location is that the lighting is shoot quality at almost any time of day year around.  Don't forget to visit either of the 2 playgrounds within the park and to grab an espresso from Seven Coffee Roasters Market & Cafe.

Golden Gardens

This iconic Seattle beach is more than bonfires, bbq's, and volleyball.  The far north tip is much quieter than the main beach, even on an warm August weekend.  I love how the sand, stones, and driftwood create a soothing neutral palate allowing the subject shine in the portrait.  My favorite time of year to shoot here is spring and fall.  The long daylight hours make summer a little more difficult to find soft lighting.  This location also has a large park right on the beach!  It's a great reward for little ones to look forward to after a shoot.     

Seattle Center

This gem located in the heart of Seattle never ceases to amaze me.  Every turn is a perfect back drop.  From art, to architecture, to beautiful greenery, this place has it all.  If you are looking for a hip non-conventional location for your family shoot, Seattle Center might be exactly what you are looking for.  The best time to shoot here is first thing in the morning to avoid crowds and to capture that perfect soft morning light.  Make a day of it!  Seattle Center has something for everyone.  The Children's Museum, EMP, Pacific Science Center, and the monorail are just a few of the attractions that can keep your family entertained all day.      


I will fully admit that I am not the coolest person...I'm kind of a big goof ball.  But thankfully I have really cool friends who introduced me to this really cool location! This historic Seattle neighborhood oozes style and has an awesome vibe.  Unique store fronts, old brick warehouses, and colorful art line the main street.  In just a short 2 block walk there are at least 4 different unique looks.  Why just settle for 1 location when you can have such a rich variety readily available.  This hidden treasure is a year around location that is best in the morning, dusk, or cloudy days to avoid harsh lighting and shadows.  


Did you find something you love?  Let me know!  Or maybe you have a special location of your own that you would like for me to check out.  I am always open to fun new places to add to my favorites list.